75th anniversary of the liberation of Sachsenhausen

Johannes Mundinger and I are very honored having been asked to create a work for Sachsenhausen memorial and museum to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Sachsenhausen concentrationcamp in April 1945, by the Red Army.



We initialy planed to paint a mural somewhere outside Sachsenhausen Momorial in Oranienburg.  The small town where the memorial is situated, creating another connection between memorial and public space.
Due to some circumstances everything had to be narrowed down and moved, so the final work is a triptych Johannes Mundinger and me installed at the "Lagerwand" of the Sachsenhausen Memorial.

Here’s a short video documenting the process and explainging our ideas behind the triptych. Shot by Out of focus.

Thanks to Mareike Otters and Katja Grosse-Sommer for the organization!




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